We strive for a systematic consolidation of our position on the market of service providers. The overriding goal of our activity is to provide all maintenance services for rail vehicles in the quality of our customers’ exquisite requirements and expectations. With the highest degree of stability, we provide our customers with maintenance services to ensure the safety of travelers and users. Taking good care of our customers, we place a special emphasis on the quality of our service services. Below we present our certificates confirming the quality of services.

IRIS Certification rules:2020 in accordance with ISO/TS 22163:2017

Our company completed on 18/03/2022 with a positive result the certification audit in the field of repair and maintenance of rolling stock, carried out by BUREAU VERITAS. Thus, we joined the group of companies managed in accordance with the requirements of ISO / TS 22163: 2017 (IRIS Certification rules: 2020).

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ISO 9001:2015

Our company also has the ISO 9001: 2015 certificate for the repair and servicing of rail vehicles. The certification audit was carried out by BUREAU VERITAS.

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Certificate of Czech Railways No. 955

Our company has received a certificate allowing for service and repair of rail vehicles, as well as the sale of spare parts on the Czech market for Czech Railways.

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ECM certificate No. PL / 32/0021/0001

As an entity in charge of maintenance, we have obtained the ECM certificate for the vehicle category, traction units and passenger carriages, for maintenance functions such as: P1-P5 level inspections, repairs or inspections of components: traction transmissions, drive units, braking systems, trolleys, air conditioning, heating, on-board systems and hydrostatic components.

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EBA Certificate No. 0893/4 / SD / 2021 / CCO / DE EN / 3521.2

As a company, we try to develop and expand our activities also on the German market, which is why we have obtained a certificate issued by the ECB certification body (Eisenbahn-CERT), which is part of the German Railway Authority EBA (Eisenbahn-Bundesamt). The certificate allows our company on the German market to install and modify BR650 vehicles in the scope of the GSM-R system.

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Authorization to sell the product

In 2022, we obtained the authorization of the manufacturer of brake systems, the Czech company DAKO-CZ, to sell brakes and brake devices and to agree post-warranty repairs of brake products from the DAKO-CZ production.

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