Security Policy

CSI INVEST Sp. z o.o. is a company dealing in the repair and modernization of rolling stock and its components.

The company’s activity is focused on ensuring operational safety and compliance with the requirements of the Employer, as well as normative and legal requirements regarding the services provided as well as vehicles.

The Management Board of the Company ensures that the services provided in the field of repairs and maintenance of railway vehicles meet all applicable legal requirements, nor normative and require our Clients in particular in particular taking account of the requirements relating to passenger safety and the railway system.

The safety goals are achieved by:

• Building the intensity of the workers by means of training on the impact of work on the quality and safety of products, users and the railway system,

• Risk analysis and elimination of the potentially negative impact of the human factor on maintenance and repair activities, and thus on operational safety,

• Optimization and improvement of work stations and processes to achieve service efficiency and safety for employees.

The above-mentioned goals are implemented by the company’s management, requiring only continuous improvement of maintenance and operation in order to minimize the possibility of failure.

The Safety Poly- tely is the element of the company’s operational stra- zometry. Each worker is aware of the intended purpose and the effect of the product on the safety of the product and users.

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