Policy of the Integrated Management System

Quality is a way of thinking that makes us use and constantly seek the best solutions.

Our target is:

  1. Identification and meeting the needs and expectations of our clients.
  2. Meeting legal and normative requirements.
  3. The development of the Company’s infrastructure that will enable meeting the requirements of customers while minimizing costs.
  4. Cooperation with suppliers who have certified quality management systems.
  5. Developing employees’ awareness of their impact on the products and services provided.

We want to achieve the above goals by:

  1. Continuous improvement of the Integrated Quality Management System.
  2. Continuous improvement of employees’ qualifications.
  3. Building awareness of the safety of manufactured products in the supply chain.
  4. Development of the Company’s infrastructure.
  5. Timely implementation of the services offered.
  6. Implementation of repair and maintenance services free from defects affecting safety.

We assure our clients that:

  1. We meet all customer requirements related to the implementation of services.
  2. The highest quality of our services is closely related to the lowest price possible to obtain.
  3. Our products are made in accordance with the standards ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO / TS 22163: 2017, as well as standards and applicable legal regulations

Service for the transport industry

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